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Affordable Apartments in Kalamazoo & Lansing


Discover Kalamazoo at one of Ancora’s properties!

Kalamazoo properties have up to six bedrooms and up to three and a half bathrooms! Unites are newly remodeled and we update often. Kalamazoo properties are also located close to everything so you can leave your car at home! Here at Ancora we also offer pet friendly apartments with no breed restrictions.


Lansing properties by Ancora, you have a choice of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment rentals in Lansing, MI. Our apartments not only have a unique character, they are built to fit your modern lifestyle.

Starting at $550+ per month, you get to live in a building that has been upgraded with modern features, but still maintains a historic charm. You will also benefit from being close to everything Lansing has to offer, as well as from the consistent professional service you will receive from our landlords.