Rental Reference

Tenant Name:

Rental Address:

Tenancy Dates:

Are the dates of tenancy correct?

If not, or not specified, they resided there from ________to________.

Was eviction paperwork ever filed? _______If so, why? ________________________________.

Is there a balance owing as of today? _____________

Did resident attempt to break the lease? _____________

Any lease violations? ________________

Did the resident pay rent on time? _______ If late, how may times? ___________

Did you receive any noise or other complaints about this tenant? _________________________

Were there any pest infestations (bedbugs, roaches, fleas) ______________________________

Were there any damages charged against tenant security deposit? _______________________

Did the tenant leave the unit clean and in decent repair after moving out? ___________________

Would you rent to this tenant again should they reapply for residency? ____________________




Completed by:________________________



The applicant hereby gives Ancora Properties, LLC and its authorized agents permission to utilize all the above information to approve or disapprove this application for residency.

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